Qualvista selected to provide siloxane monitoring for a European-level project Biogas for Future Electric and Gas Grids – BIOFEGG


University of Applied Sciences in Kajaani, Finland, Kajaanin Ammattikorkeakoulu (KAMK) has selected Qualvista to provide its siloxane monitoring solution for its European research project related to biogas purification. KAMK launched its three-year research project in February 2018. The BIOFEGG project has participants in Austria, Sweden and Finland and it is part of a European-level innovation and research initiative ERA-NET. The key focus of the innovation and research program is refining of biogas into biomethane suitable for grid injection or traffic fuel. KAMK research project is funded by Business Finland and industry funders of the project include Gasum, Metener Oy, Jahotec Oy, Keliber Oy and Aquaminerals Finland Oy.

The research work at KAMK is focused on geopolymers and their applicability for purification of biogas from siloxanes and other impurities. The Qualvista monitoring solution provides the possibility of easy and immediate measuring of purification experiments, thereby speeding the research work. After the first stages of lab work at KAMK, field tests have been conducted at a commercial biogas plant, again, using the Qualvista analyser for siloxane monitoring. In the next stage of the project, selected geopolymers and their filtering performance will be tested and measured at a biogas plant in Austria.

Qualvista CEO Juha Lauritsalo finds the project highly interesting for Qualvista: “Our research and development team is always excited to do projects like this. Working alongside with other biogas and engineering professionals, we can continually improve our product, as well as help the overall project. There is a lot happening in biogas purification right now, so we are thrilled to be part of the team to explore totally new solutions.”

Antti Rimpiläinen, Project Manager at KAMK, says: “The Qualvista biogas monitoring system allows us to proceed in siloxane measurements quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently. We have been pleased with the performance of the system both in lab conditions and in field tests. The Qualvista team has been helpful when planning and implementing our lab experiment and biogas plant setups.”

Qualvista is an innovative technology company that provides a patented solution for continuous on-line monitoring and analysis of biogas composition and quality at landfills, waste water treatment plants, sludge handling and biomethane production and injection.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), based in Kajaani, Finland, is a proactive, genuinely international university of applied sciences with a strong regional and national profile.

For more information:

www.qualvista.com, CEO Juha Lauritsalo, juha.lauritsalo@qualvista.com

www.kamk.fi/en, Project Manager Antti Rimpiläinen, antti.rimpilainen@kamk.fi