Qualvista enters the Belgian market through partnership with Scantec Industries

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Qualvista Ltd and Scantec Industries NV announce partnership for distribution of the Qualvista Biogas Monitor for the Belgian market.

The Qualvista QBM-100 Biogas Monitor provides the biogas and biomethane industry an integrated continuous, cost-effective and robust method for siloxane, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen measurements. The system enables the monitoring of siloxanes and other biogas components either on demand or by regular intervals as defined by the user. The real-time monitoring will help Qualvista customers to optimize their maintenance intervals for both purification systems and gas engines or turbines, as well as to verify th

e quality of biogas.

Scantec Industries has more than 50 years of experience in the field of analysis and measurement instruments for safety, environment and process control. Scantec is an independent distributor who provides solutions for applications, such as gas detection, biogas analysers, sound level meters, indoor air quality, dust monitoring, temperature / moisture and illuminance and luminance meters among others.  Scantec Industries also provides the installation, calibration and service on these instrumentations.

“We are honoured to be selected as the first distributor for the innovative Qualvista QBM-100 Biogas Monitoring system for the Belgian market” said Marc Vermeiren, CEO of Scantec Industries NV.

Qualvista CEO Juha Lauritsalo is equally happy with the partnership: “Bringing Qualvista to the Belgian market is a great step for us. We are excited to partner with Scantec Industries to deliver the Qualvista biogas monitoring benefits to the Belgian biogas market and customers. “

For more information:

www.qualvista.com, Sales Director Timo Helevä, timo.heleva@qualvista.com

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