Qualvista Biogas Monitoring completes trial run in WWTP in Oregon U.S.


Qualvista and Clean Methane Systems, Qualvista’s sales and service partner in North America, have launched together a significant deployment inGresham, Oregon, U.S. Qualvista is particularly excited to launch this installation, since it is the first Qualvista solution to be installed in the United States.

The Qualvista Biogas Monitoring has been installed on a wastewater treatment plant serving 114,000 people in the area. The system has been operational since mid-February 2016.

The Qualvista Biogas Monitoring system allows the customer to monitor the performance of the gas purification for contaminants like siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide. It also monitors the levels of main gas components, such as methane carbon dioxide and oxygen. The solution allows the customer to achieve and maintain full control of the biogas production process.

“We are very pleased with the performance and robustness of the Qualvista solution, and are proud to be introducing these innovative monitoring systems to the North American biogas market”, says Tim Robinson, President at Clean Methane Systems, LLC.

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