Gasum installs a second Qualvista Biogas monitor to benefit from in-line measuring of siloxanes


The leading Finnish gas sector company Gasum has installed in its Kuopio Biogas Plant the Qualvista Biogas Monitoring system. This installation follows an earlier installation at Honkajoki Biogas Plant, where Qualvista and Gasum worked together already in the pre-commercial pilot phase of the Qualvista Biogas Monitor. Gasum is the biggest producer of biogas in the Nordic countries, operating in Finland and Sweden with a network of 12 biogas plants and ambition to grow.

The Qualvista Biogas Monitoring system allows for continuous measurement of siloxane, methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and oxygen from up to three sample points with a single monitor. The patented, robust method of measuring siloxanes will increase operational efficiency and bring cost savings by protecting the gas engines and optimizing their maintenance interval.

Gasum Production Manager Tuomas Niskanen is pleased with the two installations that have been made so far, and he expects the benefits even to increase over time: “The most important feature for us is avoiding the costly and cumbersome grab sampling of siloxanes with analyzing time of up to three weeks, since we can now monitor siloxanes in real time. We also expect substantial economic savings from being able to optimize the changing of our activated carbon filters for biogas. Qualvista systems help us to maintain the high quality of the biogas that we deliver at all times”.

Qualvista CEO Juha Lauritsalo is equally happy with the implementation: “Bringing such a ground-breaking new technology to the market, it has been great to see there is immediate and tangible business benefit from what we offer. We have been very pleased with the initial co-operation with Gasum and thrilled to now have a second system operational.”

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Photo: Gasum Oy