Siloxane is a chemical compound present in numerous industrial and consumer products such as shampoo, cosmetics and detergents. Siloxanes are present in biogas produced in landfill and wastewater plants and cause significant gas engine breakdown and maintenance related costs.

The Qualvista Biogas Monitor provides the biogas industry a continuous, cost-effective and robust method for siloxane, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen measurements. Qualvista has developed the monitoring system together with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The monitor’s siloxane measuring technology is patented and Qualvista holds exclusive rights to commercialize this method. The system has been successfully tested on multiple different biogas installations.

The Qualvista biogas measurement system enables monitoring of siloxane and other biogas components either on demand or by regular intervals as defined by the user. Real-time measurement information can be accessed both in the local equipment display and in the Qualvista online reporting tool. The measurement information can also be integrated into customer IT systems. The real-time monitoring will help Qualvista customers to optimize their maintenance intervals for both purification systems and gas engines or turbines, as well as to verify the quality of biogas.

The Qualvista solution is successfully in use in various production environments in customer plants in Europe and the US.