Qualvista Biogas Monitoring solution was deployed in HSY’s Ämmässuo landfill site in Finland, one of the largest biogas production facilities in Europe. This installation was completed in April 2016, and was preceeded by a successful pilot phase cooperation during the Qualvista Biogas Monitor product development during 2015 and 2016. HSY Operational Manager Sauli Kopalainen is pleased with the results: “We are very happy to finally have a solution for continuous process monitoring for siloxanes.”

The Qualvista Biogas Monitoring system allows the customer to monitor the performance of the gas purification for contaminants like siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide. It also monitors the levels of main gas components, such as methane carbon dioxide and oxygen. The solution allows the customer to achieve and maintain full control of the biogas production process.


Photo: HSY/Kai Widell